Amethyst Sterling Silver Necklace

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I find myself gravitating towards Amethysts energies. She calls me in to take a deeper look, gain a better understanding. It is a becoming very one cannot ignore and with that, I don my purple shield and dive into the calm.

Purple hues of lilac and lavender in a round cabochon stone. Amethyst is a purifier of the mind, clearing away negative thoughts of stress and anxiety. Enhancer of psychic intuition and communication. This stone is a powerful ally during mediation.

 This is the only necklace of this style with Amethyst. I bought a small bundle of assorted stones and this cabochon was among them. While creating this piece I let the stone do its magick and this is how it revealed itself into my jewelry.

Hung on 20 inch sterling silver chain with lobster clasp

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