Fabrication of an Engagement Ring

Fabrication of an Engagement Ring

fluorite engagement usneabegin fabrication

A custom engagement ring for a friend whose soon-to-be fiancee's favourite stone is Flourite.    

fluorite engagement
Flourite with Labradorite accents.  


engagement to be set undersideengagement to add shank

Flourite doesn't hold well under daily wear so a new stone of Lab-grown Topaz was to replace the stone.  A few other adjustments were to be made while the ring was in my posession and a few behind the scenes photos were taken.

engagement ring prongsengagement ring prongs no shank

I replaced the sterling silver prongs with a harder Argentium Silver prong and bezelled the Labradorite accent stones.  A new top layer was added to account for the belly of the new stone which the Flourite didn't have.

engagement ring to be together
engagement ring to be assembled
engagement ring componentsengagement ring side profile
The best attribute of metal is that it can always be reworked and made anew.  The metal can always be made into a new piece, added to or resized.  The resulting ring is one of my most liked pieces on social media and I cannot take all the credit, the brilliant blue hue of the Topaz is hard to ignore.  
finished engagement
Thank you L&C for allowing me to create a special memento for you both and I wish all the years of happiness and love.
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