Who is Wandering Moth

 Wandering Moth Jewelry is here for the dreamers, believers and inspirators.  We are here to create a beautiful life.

Artist of Wandering Moth Jewelry, C.B.
Wandering Moth Jewelry was built on the intention of honoring our truest forms.  Who we are at a soul level, depicted and embellished on the outer layers with adornments, sparking conversations and igniting friendships.  Life would be less exciting if we all looked the same.

Wandering Moth jewelry is created by artist Court B. in her home studio on Vancouver Island.  A woman-owned, handcrafted gemstone jewelry line using quality materials and consciously sourced stones, using traditional methods and tools. From the materials to the methods, only the kindest practices are used in hopes of inspiring our admirers to live their lives fully with love for themselves and our Mother Earth.  

Court formally studied Metal Jewelry Design learning the basics of the craft.  While acquiring the skills to build upon, Wandering Moth Jewelry was born in the Spring of 2015.  Since, Wandering Moth has been a creative outlet that has allowed our burgeoning family to grow while honoring Wandering Moth into what it is today.  Her favourite thing to do in the studio is to listen to the hum of the jeweller's saw, relaxing into the thrum of the blade against the metal.  A mindful task.  She would not be found in the studio without her good friend, Gus. 

Artist Court B in natural element with a gentleman, Gus.  The best good boy the world has ever known


Each piece at Wandering Moth is crafted exclusively by Court in her home studio on Vancouver Island using quality materials and consciously sourced stones.   


 Jewelry with Intention

All jewels are designed and created with our innate knowing in mind.  We are divinity in motion.  Honour the Divine within.

Our lives consist of the stories we share.  Wandering Moth Jewelry is created in the hopes for us to all share our true selves in each wing unfurled.  To find home, the light within.  Be a moth to that flame.  

Crafted by hand with Heart for intrinsic souls.

Wandering Moth offers custom bespoke jewels with ethereal gemstones.  Silver alloys set the base for all creations, hinted with accents of base metals.  All offerings are intuitively crafted awaiting their journey home. 

Collecting Wandering Moth Jewelry is an individually curated experience.  Gathering ideas with inspiring admirers to script stories, with intention, of love, blessed lives and sent with gracious intentions out into the wild.   Every piece is made to last lifetimes, spark conversations and unify our souls forming friendships along the journey.   We love making a statement with bold styles without compromising comfort.  We create to expand.  Together we are   

 Thank you for being here, for being you.  It is an honor and a privelege to create, to live and lead this life.  With each passing day, I strive to raise and amplify voices of those less heard, those who cannot and for those who once were.  Together we can lead in love.  All of mine,






- Court