Wandering Moth was born in the Spring of 2015 after Courtney graduated from Metal Jewelry Design in Campbell River.  Since then, Courtney has been honing her skills in gem setting, and fine tuning her craft.  Her favorite thing to do in the studio is using her jewelers saw which she finds most meditative.  She would not be found in the studio without her trusty sidekick, Gus.

Each piece is crafted by Courtney for Wandering Moth Jewelry in her home studio on Vancouver Island using quality materials and consciously sourced stones.  From the materials to the methods, only the kindest practices are used  in hopes to inspire my customers to live their lives fully with kindness to themselves and our Earth.  


 "It only seemed right to work with my hands and be creative.   It's the way I had always been throughout life.   I just think,  the Island had been calling me home.   This is where I needed to be and I am so grateful to be home. "

- Courtney


At Wandering Moth we love to take custom orders and collaborate with our wonderful customers.  From designing a completely new piece, reworking old pieces or reusing gems from bygone eras.  Please contact us, we would love to work with you!