Creativity in Jewellers Repair Work

Creativity in Jewellers Repair Work

evil eye repair

A beautiful friend of mine had come to me in search of help with her daughters pendant.  The bail that it had been affixed with had broken off and jewellers in her area had told her this was unable to be fixed.  When she had asked if I would be able to return it to working order, I had to get creative.  It wasn't able to be repaired in the same manner it had started with.  

This piece holds special meaning to the wearer and of course, things may always be repaired if we put our creative minds to work.  As I set about to work, setting my intentions to a simple, yet effective solution, not wanting to detract from the pendant, I thought of how this piece held significant meaning for the wearer.  

evil eye repair work

evil eye repair workevil eye repairwork

My hope was to accent the piece in a way that was delicate and considerate of the beauty of the piece.  Simple is always best and I do hope it lasts lifetimes more for her.  

evil eye repair work in box

I suggest looking up information about Evil Eyes and the origins of this talisman.  I love the work I get to do and the places I can travel to without having to leave my humble abode.  I know it doesn't replace travel but, when I cannot travel in person, I may at least wander through the archives of stories that have been passed through generations by means of my work. 

Thank you S. for entrusting this task to me, in having faith in my work to share this beautiful pendant and the stories it carries with.  I am blessed to create with my hands and to have met such beautiful souls as you.  Thank you beyond words from my heart to yours. 

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