Jeweller by Day, Poet by Night

Jeweller by Day, Poet by Night

Oftentimes when I find a creative block at the bench,  I will try a different medium to get the creative juices flowing.   One that arises is poetry.  After writing my poems I found out my grandmother used to write poetry.   I am by no means as eloquent or versed as she but, it's a great outlet for me to share some behind the scenes in my studio.   Here's one I wrote about the benchpin.

Jewellers benchpin

 Oh, Benchpin

Oh, Benchpin

So full of flaws and imperfections

With your pitted face and marred up skin

Notches in your teeth and an icy touch. 


Oh, Benchpin

You never complain of the hard work

Holding up in the most stressful times

There is a reassurance in your presence. 


Oh, Benchpin

Without it all,  the scars and dimples

There would be nothing. 

You are the reason for all the beauty

Oh, beautiful benchpin.

- Courtney A

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