jewellers saw used by wandering moth

More Love Poems

Love is not confined to other souls, but the way my soul sparks with the touch of hand tools, working diligently beneath my palm.  The thrum of the tines, the twang of the steel between the clamps turn my heart into a brilliance of butterflies.  

How smitten am I with this life of mine, grateful for the creativities that arrive with this tool?  These words pour forth of my soul, as this is my most beloved tool. 

Jeweller's Saw 

They say it was love at first sight
They say it was meant to be
They say we were soulmates
They say a lot of things.
But what do they know?

I didn't know who you were
I didn't know how to hold you
I didn't think of you in that way

Who knows anything about soulmates anyway

The thing about love is it will always seep in
When you aren't looking
Once you know, you know

The twing-tang of your voice

I know how to use you
Sometimes you abuse me
This is a love/ hate relationship

Oh my, jeweller's saw
What i wouldn't do without you
I have a love/hate relationship because when the jeweller's saw is in use, I get in tune and it is meditative in a way.  As soon as I start to force it the blades start to break and I know it is most likely a time to take a break.  Only a small one, I will always come back.
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