Repurposed Metal Commissioned Project

Repurposed Metal Commissioned Project

 When I get an email to make molten metal, how do I resist?  The answer is, I cannot!  Playing with fire, and imagination, building worlds that I haven't met yet. Which leads me to meet the loveliest of people.  

I was graced with the task of repurposing metal to melt for future projects, saving stones from jewelry that sits in the darkness of its closed quarters and dreaming up salty, sandy inspiration.  An artist to an artist.  I love working with other artists, bouncing ideas, and bringing creations to life, together. 

This artist right here though has a tendency to hermit and stay within the confines of a cozy home only to venture to the woods to seek friendship among the trees.  You can find me in the woods.  Sitting on toadstools covered in moss.  But, when I'm not conversing with the pines in my studio you will find.   

sand casting crucible
The crucible is packed with sand and ready to cast with metal. 

When KJ asked me if I could add new life to her unworn jewelry into pieces she can incorporate into her own artworks, specifically a sea-star.  I set to work carving jeweller's wax, a starfish.  We had met on our local beach, digging our toes into the sand and enjoying the sunny beach day we had been blessed with.  Our first meeting felt as though we had met before and being in her presence was as though I was sitting with an old friend.    

starfish sand casting

Coffee beans, keys, seashells, and whale tales caught my attention as the metal glowed bright orange.  Cast in sand, a technique I had learned in the early days of my metal-making endeavours.  The organic texture of sand mixed perfectly in our collaboration.  

pinecone sand cast sunflower key sand cast by wandering moth key sandcast by wandering moth
Not all castings come out perfect.  This key for example hadn't fully formed.  It reminded me of something once lost.  A treasure trove waiting on the other side.  Its smallness did not denote the magnitude of magic awaiting the opposite side of its lock. The possibilities of treasures are only there for those who seek them.
 A favourite of mine to pass time slowly; is beachcombing.  On one of these escapades, I stumbled on a message in a bottle, more specifically, wedding vows from Germany!  May all life's greatest blessings greet the married couple from our corner of the Island!  There are troves of treasures to be found along the shores. 
How do you like to take to the beach?
castings in sand and a melted looking glass water casting beachy pearls sand cast
water casting and sand casting
The forefront of this photo shows water castings made from repurposed silver.  The effect is obtained by dropping molten metal into a dish of water.  If done correctly, a tiny cup of metal remains, like a drop of water on the surface.  There were some pieces that had shown themselves less than desirable but I was able to find the right technique after a few tries.  
skull water drop cast
Take this water cast.  Its underside turned skull.  Just in time for Hallows Eve.
seashell sand cast water cast droplets 
Seashells and water castings.
Thank you, KJ for entrusting me with this fun project!  I can't wait to see how these find a new home in your art!  If you would like to see some of KJ's work, head over to her Instagram.  You can find that here!
whale tale sand cast
Have a Whale of a Tale!
- Court
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