A Jewellers Tale - Stop and Smell the Roses

A Jewellers Tale - Stop and Smell the Roses

pitresite cabochon awaiting jewellers tools

The beginnings of a pendant.

Pietresite.  It is hard to capture the depth and brilliance of shine this stone holds within its nature.  Have you ever laid eyes on a Tigers Eye stone as a child and being enraptured by the chatoyancy of the stone?  Pietresite holds the same sort of chatoyant nature and it is ever more breathtaking in person.
pietresite backsidepietresite backside rose
This pendant was a custom order for a special admirer and when she had asked if I was able to obtain a stone of Pitresite to make into a pendant, I knew it was a quest I was willing to undertake.  Luckily, I am close to a few local shops that hold a plethora of magical gemstones that it is hard to return without hoarding the lot!  
pietresite shine

The moody hues of Pietresite are like a Summer storm.


 As I set to complete the pendant, knowing my client's favorite flower a rose, the cutout back of a rose allows the colours of the stone to show on both the front and back.  Adorned with small leaves and branch-like adornments the rose is nestled in nature. 

Once completed and wrapped in a beautiful floral wrapping, I had a feeling of wait.  I didn't send it off as prompt as I should have yet something was holding it here.  I was unable to part with it so soon.  Not as I had wanted to keep it for myself because it was created with M in mind but, for other reasons I cannot quite articulate.  Wrapped in the white and pink floral adorned wrapping and sunkissed on my windowsill, whispering not quite yet.  


floral wrapped jewelry boxfloral and twine jewelry box ready to send

Finally departing from my embrace and reaching the destination of its intended recipient a message in turn for me.  The message stated of a beautiful experience to receive the parcel and how it arrived in perfect timing of hard times.  Just what they needed at that time.  

pink floral and twine jewelry boxleather and floral

I am a firm believer in divine timing and being guided by intuition.  When something speaks softly of not now, or of waiting patiently, I do not take it lightly and will heed those urges even if I may not understand at the time. Thank you, M for the kindest words to the creativity that was allowed by your trust in my hands.  All of my love from my heart to my hands, for you always.  Thank you

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