We are Here

Here we are.  Hurtling through space on an orb of stardust, made of the same sentiments.  What we thought we knew, what we are learning and unlearning is rapidly changing at a pace that makes a questionable reality.  The more things make sense, the less so they seem.  

We have surpassed the global pandemic that has set our stress responses into overdrive.  How many of us have been taught to regulate our bodies, to tune into ourselves and calm that response?  How many have learned in the midst of it all to find our breath and bring a state of peace to our mind?  It is a daily strive, to find the inner calm.  To work at it, multiple times a day to keep our body, as tender as it is, calm so we may heal.  Our bodies are magnifcent particles massed together to create this density of magic, clustered energy that is capable of our greatest imaginations.  We hold the capacity to remember who we are, to remember that we are capable of all our imaginations desire.  We create our reality.

To say this has been a long time coming, working toward a goal of creating a peaceful space of calm for those I encounter, is an understatement.  I will never be at the end of it in this lifetime but, I will continue to try because those who have come before me and those who will be here long after my body leaves this earth deserve it.  My whole body feels so deeply the aches of those being mistreated, the genocide of peoples I will never meet and the souls taken for profit.  How did it get to this?  We are better than that.  We are capable of love and we need to find that love now.  

It may feel overwhelming, where to start, what to do.  I do not have the answers but I do know, that no matter where we turn, there are people who are speaking out and if we follow those voices who are speaking love, shouting out for those whose voices have been taken, we can stand in and shout our own.  

I haven't spoken much here about the goings on in the world, finding my own voice, healing my own inner beings so I can begin to stand for those who need my voice, now too.  I couldn't hide from that any longer.  

Will you raise your voice and stand together?  We all need your voices now more than ever, it cannot wait.


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