Welcome to Wandering Moth Jewelry:  Handcrafted Artisan Gemstone Jewelry consciously crafted on Vancouver Island

Welcome to Wandering Moth Jewelry: Handcrafted Artisan Gemstone Jewelry consciously crafted on Vancouver Island

Thank you for being here!  We are grateful you've found us on our small corner of the internet.  We are a one-woman+ (for now)  handcrafted jewelry line made with consciously sourced stones from local and small-business owners, while also using repurposed and recycled materials throughout our line.  Our handcrafted jewelry is created in Canada with the wearer in mind, intuitively created with intention. 

To create is to live.  I love to make.  Our studio is a space of sanctuary.  It all starts out with a ritual, to show gratitude for all things worth living for.  Thanks to you, thanks for the air we breathe and the hands blessed with dexterity to craft.  Life leads us where we are meant to flow and I ask for the grace to be led with the ambiguity of water.  Light a candle of intention and begin.  

sand casting always offers surprises wandering moth jewelry

At Wandering Moth, we strive to create intentional jewelry; from raw products to shipping.  We repurpose as much as we can, refine our scraps and silver dust, and all packaging is reused from previous purchases or passed along to us to give it new life. 

Wandering Moth focuses on repurposed materials, and creating new designs from bygone eras.  Have you only one earring left from a missing pair?  Let us turn it into a new pendant.  Perhaps you've found a stone you just can't pass by.  Let's bring that vision to life.  All of our pieces are made for comfort and durability.  We like to be bold and make a statement without compromising comfort.   Sometimes though life can happen and that wild story we got excited about sharing - waving our arms like we just don't care knocked our stone loose- we're here for you.  Metal is an amazing material, in fact, it can always be refined back to its natural state.  But, before we scrap that project, it most likely can be repaired.  Life happens and we want to see you in Wandering Moth for years!     

The greatest thing about working in metal is that it can be reused indefinitely.  Metal can be melted down to its original state and remade into new products- sheet, wire, and tubing to name a few.  As stated before, our pieces are made to last.    

No two pieces are created the same and each talisman of Wandering Moth Jewelry is a bespoke custom jewel. The creative process guides me in each and every pieceI let the metal and stones do the talking.  I am only here to listen and create. 

Wandering Moth specializes in custom design and fabrication.  Adding texture in unusual ways and adding the most brilliant natural gemstones lend an element to my work that makes working a dream.  While crafting the pieces I create, they tell stories.  Images appear in the metal, the way it folds and jumps across the bench or the simplicity of a collection of colours.  As the crafting unfolds, those stories appear and are chronicled.  When you purchase a piece of WM, you don't just receive a piece of metal art, but a story to share.

Sometimes while working on custom orders, my clients will ask to create a piece with a special stone for them, bringing in stones that I may not have chosen myself.  It seems as though the stone's energies appear to me in which areas may need healing.  It is quite magic how the Universe always provides. The collection of stones at the time could match in a way with other custom pieces and it seems I am working on a mini-collection, destined to be lived out through separate families, connecting us all in tiny ways.  Before pieces are sent out, the jewels are cleansed and prepared, not just physically but energetically as well.  The jewels are offered an accompanying offering of blessing destined for their new home. 

When I mention the pieces tell stories;  A special collection I have been working on, a stone in this collection always, always jumped out of my hands to the floor.  It was a Lepidocrosite included Quartz and no matter how hard I concentrated on holding it, being so careful not to let it drop, it always did!  That stone wanted to be close to the Earth.  A beauty of a grounding stone.  While crafting the pendant I had the brilliance of the Sun in mind.  What is more grounding than laying on a grassy knoll with the Sun warming our faces?  I am transported to these tiny moments of appreciation, the small blips in time that make life fully worth living.   This is why I create.  

lepidocrosite included quartz always grounded
Lepidocrosite included Quartz grounds.

 We care about our Earth Mothers' environment and believe the actions we take today make even bigger impacts tomorrow.  That is why we will reuse before we buy, support small family businesses and shop local before venturing further.  When you collect Wandering Moth, a portion of the proceeds will go to supporting charities held close to our hearts.  Our community forest contains old growth and the Cumberland Community Forest works diligently to support the continuation of growth. Our life depends on those forests and is something I feel extremely passionate about. Supporting the monarch migrations through seed plantings in our own gardens and other local charities are contributed with a portion of WM sales.    For this, I thank you for supporting us in our mission. 

Who am I?

My name is Court, I currently live on Vancouver Island with my burgeoning family.  It was serendipitous that I am here creating jewelry and how grateful I am for finding this creative outlet.  Each day has been a learning experience.  The time spent at my bench has left me feeling uplifted and full of purpose.  Jewelry is meant to be an extension of our expression of self.  Who we are as individuals are interwoven into a network of us.  There is only one of you, express that you in the most delightful ways and all the rest will fall into place.    

Hi! It's me, Court.  Artist and metalsmith behind the bench.

Court grew up in the heart of the Prairies, always hearing the call of the ocean.  Somehow, life brought her partner and self to Vancouver Island.  The Universe had plans for them there. The RV they called home was falling apart at the seams. It had no more life left in it.  Done hauling them around and there they were, on the side of the road with the greatest adventure a summer's ever seen.  With two giant dogs, an adventure cat and two humans, lives were blossoming before their eyes.  With no options having spent savings foolishly on maintaining a decrepit house on wheels, here they stay.  It was then they adapted and shifted.  It was on the beach Court decided that jewelry design was calling. 

The year was 2015 and the North Island College accepted enrollment.  Wandering Moth's journey was unfurling.  It was there that Court learned the fundamentals of Metal Jewelry Design.  A year of learning, meeting beautiful people and a new medium of creativity has led to almost a decade of continuous learning in the field.  A jeweller's journey only feels like it has just begun, there is so much more to learn, tools to collect and knowledge to gain. 

Want to journey along?  I'd love to have you.

Thank you for reading our story, the beginnings of Wandering Moth and who the creator is behind it all.  I am here because of the love and support I've received, the continued appreciation and acceptance.  It is with the deepest love that I acknowledge those who have been before, who have mastered the skills and passed on through generations that I stand here fully as an artist.  For it is here that I share my talents with you and hope that my words may offer encouragement for all who may wish to listen.  

 Want to immerse yourself in the Old Growth Forest the community is collectively conserving?  Click here to learn more.

Have a garden with some room to spare?  Check this out for supporting pollinators to your blooms.

This post does not contain affiliate links, only passions with helping to conserve our natural habitats.


Have more questions?  I would be gracious in answering.  Send an email and we can say hello.  


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