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Who is Wandering Moth

Jewelry is a form of self-expression.  A way to visualize who we are from the outside.  Conveying without words what we dare dream about, our quirks and what makes us who we present to the world.  My wish with Wandering Moth is to spark conversation and create friendships through our stories.  We are a collection of tales that have been gathered through lifetimes.  

The stories crafted into Wandering Moth Jewelry are only partially started.  The jewels crafted on the WM bench have begun, weaving the fables into a solid artifact.  The real story begins when they wander home.  You are the creator of the story, and my desire with Wandering Moth Jewelry is that the stories blossom into the most beautiful and unique tales, as unique as you.

artist behind handcrafted gemstone jewelry, Wandering Moth Jewelry

I am Court B.  Artist and Silversmith at Wandering Moth Jewelry.  It is in my home on Vancouver Island that I dream and fabricate all the pieces designed at WM.  I use classic techniques, to handcraft silver jewelry.  It may start with a sketch, though I let the metal and stones speak and form the final product.  Allowing the flow of creativity to move and flow. All handcrafted at my jeweller's bench which overlooks our back garden, bursting with wildflowers, bees diligently harvesting their pollen,  our chickens chirping as they forage for bugs, and the elderberry tree casting shade over the South facing windows.  My bench is illuminated in the Summer sun.  The morning light is my favourite light to work under.  I am grateful to share this space with my family, for without, I would not be standing here.   

While always having an artistic hand, always wanting to be crafting something, anything (mosaics anyone?) I found Metal Jewelry Design by happenstance on my arrival on the island.  What better way to work with all the dreamy stones that I heart-eyed over?  It was at the college in Campbell River that I learned the basics of metalsmithing and WM was born.  I am here because of the love I've received, not only from my partner, family and friends and guides along the way.  Sometimes things just happen and it seems right to be doing so.  This was one of those times.

I create so I can live.  My creativity is an outlet, a transmutation if you will.  I had once fallen into a state of depression and during this time I had stopped creating altogether.  There were no baking, no paintings, no scrapbooks, no art.  This correlation did not go unnoticed and I look to it as a reminder that things will not always be the way they are, and creative blocks do happen, but as long as there are other creative outlets that energy is being put forth into newness.   You are worthy and deserving, you are meant to be here. 


handcrafted gemstone jewelry by Wandering Moth Jewelry green agate gemstone handcrafted on Vancouver Island

I understand jewelry is a personal choice not everyone wears, a luxury.  Wandering Moth chooses to recreate, repurpose and reuse what may be destined to sit in a dark drawer.   Sentimental items that can no longer be worn, can be transformed.  We also choose to support local suppliers and other artisans wherever possible.  Our choices affect not only ourselves but, have a ripple effect.  Let our tiny ripples radiate out to create a lasting, loving impact.  

There is nothing I would rather be doing, imbuing my jewelry with love, creating as an artist goes beyond the final product.  Thank you for allowing this creative outlet and thank you for being here.

~ Home is where the heart resides.  You are home. ~

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