My silver handcrafted jewelry has tarnished, what can I do?

Sterling silver will naturally oxidize when exposed to air.  Simply use a polishing cloth to remove the black and store it in a dry space.

Buying jewelry with set stones, what to do.

When purchasing artisan jewelry with gemstones, care must be taken to prolong the life of your jewels.  Please avoid wearing gemstone jewelry in water(hot tubs, showers, oceans, etc.), during physical activities where it may get caught and snagged or anywhere they may be exposed to chemicals.  Soft materials such as Lapis, Turquoise and other such gems are more susceptible to changes due to exposure to moisture, chemicals and lotions and atmosphere as they are more porous than harder stones such as diamond.   The porosity of these fine gemstones makes them unique and we must care for them as such.   

 Where do you get the gems in your work from?

The gemstones we select at Wandering Moth Jewelry are sourced from family-operated businesses that take care to obtain stones.  Our suppliers simultaneously work directly with lapidary artists, ensuring good working conditions and fair labour.  We work with suppliers who care about the people and environment they are working in.  The stones then go on to be hand-cut and polished in small lapidary workshops.  A whole lot of love goes into the stones.  The prices reflect a fair wage for every person involved, the knowledge and work that goes into producing stones that we see in WMJ. Each stone is special and you can take pride in knowing you are supporting small businesses while caring about the environment. 

How do you ship your parcels?

We ship via Canada Post every week for pre-made pieces.  Made to order items are shipped upon completion which may take 3-4 weeks, sooner if completed earlier.  We will be in contact throughout the process and thank you for your continued patience. 

  All items are packaged in a recycled gift box tied with hemp string or collected ribbon.  We use repurposed boxes/materials to pack in whenever possible and are transitioning to recycled/repurposed materials for every parcel.   Any additional packaging and/or accoutrements are thrifted, reused and recyclable.  I have many hobbies that pertain to crafting and will be reflected in the gift wrapping.  I want your experience to be enjoyable when you open your packet.  Please,  let me know of any concerns as soon as it arrives or even so if it brings much happiness. 

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