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Wandering Moth Jewelry

West Coast Trees Sterling Silver Rings -Thin bands

West Coast Trees Sterling Silver Rings -Thin bands

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The trees are what make Vancouver Island so special I am forever inspired by them.   I love to learn the names of things,  especially the flora and fauna.   These trees grow around where I live and I have tried to capture their organic beauty in a not so organic way of metal.   

These are not literal representations of the barks, leaves and berries of the tree but my rendition of them.  When I wear my special tree ring I find my memories floating back to my favorite time in the forest, bathing in the soothing energies and soaking up all the forest has to offer.  

Do you have a favorite tree you sit under?

 Tamarack comes in a set of Two stackable rings.  Textured and wider than our regular stacking rings.

These are all hand stamped,  custom made to fit.   


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